What about teacher?

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When developing elearning resources the focus is usually on the learners, which is considered essential if the materials are to be successful in facilitating effective learning. However, one of the biggest barriers to effective use of elearning is in the difficulty that instructors experience in using the the systems and applications to facilitate effective learning.

Instructors need to be able to see how a particular technology is going to help them do their job, and ideally, more easily and effectively. Several authors have written about how “teacher centering” is often neglected when designing elearning tools. A recent article on this topic in higher education notes that a more teacher-centered approach could improve the quality of the learning experience. Acknowledging that instructors are just as diverse in their abilities and areas of expertise as learners and by identifying those strengths and weaknesses and building our teaching around the qualities will improve the student learning environment, particularly now that teaching methods are becoming increasing varied, and especially where a blended approach incorporating elearning approaches is employed.