It’s not about the bike

8:49 pm Outcomes

Sorry, did I say ‘bike’? I meant technology.

Whenever you put “e” in front of something people often automatically try to make it all about technology. Examples from the online world abound – ecommerce, ebusiness, eprocurement, etc. Part of what when wrong in the dot bomb bust was that people forgot that it was actually about commerce, business and procurement and that things really weren’t “different this time”. It’s the same with elearning – many people are trying to make it about technology – Flash, rapid development tools, learning managment systems, repositories, learning objects – but it’s really still about the learning. In the past I’m sure people weren’t trying to make it all about the chalk, or all about the overhead projector (or were they?). So we need to return to the principles and objectives we are trying to achieve. It has taken a good number of years for confidence to return in many online business systems, and if we’re not careful unrealistic expectations could cause problems in utilising elearning systems and a similar bust could result.

People overestimate the impact of technology (even though I said it’s not about that) in the short term and underestimate it in the long term. We need to be using technology to support what we are trying to achieve rather than trying to fit our aims into some technlogy. Remember, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

With apologies to Lance Armstrong (my legal friends tell me you can’t copyright a title anyway).

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